Our Mission

A Vegan Life is devoted to promoting the benefits of a vegan lifestyle for three reasons:  health, planet, and animals.  A panel of experts with the United Nations ranked products, resources, economic activities and transport according to their environmental impacts. Agriculture was on a par with fossil fuel consumption because both rise rapidly with increased economic growth.  In the US alone 8 billion (mostly chickens) are killed for food and 100 billion marine animals (fish and shellfish) are killed for food.

What We've Achieved

  • Pay-per-view shows people a glimpse into the factory farming industry. 
  • Food tasting allows others to try vegan products that help others make a transition to vegan eating.  
  • Films such as Speciesism highlight the moral and ethical issues surrounding eating animals.  
  • Seminars provide a forum for speakers to share their expertise on plant-based nutrition.  
  • Leafleting provides information to the public on the importance of going vegan. 
  • Fundraising supports other nonprofits and farm sanctuaries do their valuable work. 
  • Organized food demonstrations gives people an opportunity to taste vegan cuisine and take home recipes.  
  • Hikes and 5k races help get the word out on special projects such as the fact elephants are in dramatic decline.