Port Clinton:   mile 1217.2

July 28:   Last night I stayed at the Port Clinton Hotel, a relic from the early 1800's when it was a stagecoach stop between Philadelphia and Sunbury. Since crossing the half way point last week I have hiked the rocky path of Pennsylvania for over 100 miles. I learned how accidents can have along this well maintained and marked trail. Tuesday afternoon around 4:30 I was about a mile from the shelter when the sky turned dark and the winds increased. Shortly after the skies opened up and thunder and lightening hit the trail. My glasses fogged up so bad I had to remove them and I could not see the blazes. I thought I'd have to wrap up in my tent and wait. As I turned to go back to the last blaze a hiker showed up ("Dusty"). I told him I couldn't see and asked if I could follow him to the 501 shelter. Thank you Dusty. As he left me at the path by the shelter he said he was going back to look for "Swiss Miss" who also wore glasses.  The 501 shelter was cabin-style so we bunked in for the night hoping to dry out the next day.