Animal Slaughter Counter:


Farm Sanctuary                       
Poplar Spring Sanctuary        
Woodstock Farm Animal       
Pigs, a sanctuary                      

Animal Non-Profits:

Mercy for Animals                  
Compassion Over Killing      
Elephants USA                        
The Humane League              
United Poultry Concerns       

Vegan Outreach                       

Health/Veg Organizations:

Vegetarian Society of DC       
Engineers for Change             
Conscious Corner                    
The Boot Camp Girl                


Max & Ruffy’s Dog Treats     
The Big Bad Woof                   

Vegan Travel

Green Earth Travel                


Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal

Restaurants/Vegan Food:

Alternative Baking Co          
Elizabeth’s Gone Raw           
Go Max Go Foods                  
Loving Hut                              
The Vegetable Garden
Everlasting Life Cafe
Woodlands Vegan Bistro     
Khepra’s Raw Food               
Sticky Fingers


Vegan Essentials                   
Animal Rights Stuff             
Moo Shoes



Forks Over Knives
Peaceable Kingdom
May I Be Frank
The Ghosts In Our Machine
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
Got The Facts On Milk
The Ghosts in Our Machine
A River of Waste



4 Responses to Links/Resources

  1. Good Morning,

    I represent the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the EPA and Howard University where we host programs under the acronym C.R.E.S.T. (Community service, Recruitment and outreach, Education, Sustainability, and Teamwork). We would like to hold an Environmental and Sustainability Career Fair / Earth Day Fair at Howard University in April of 2014, and would like to know if this is something you can be a part of. We are still in the planning stages and as soon as more information becomes available I will make sure to keep you updated. But for now, I just wanted to touch bases with you to pitch this amazing idea. I look forward to exploring any opportunities that we may have together, so feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or comments.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hi,

    I saw you’re going to be an exhibitor at the AR conference at the end of July. Would you be interested in getting custom stickers to hand out to attendees who visit your booth?

    Our company – Custom Stickers for Good Causes – specifically works with companies that match our values. We are strong supporters of animal rights and vegan businesses.

    A few of the animal rights and vegan organizations we’ve recently printed stickers for include WNY Vegfest, Farm Sanctuary, Environmental Action, and ASHA Sanctuary.

    If you’re interested, let me know. If not, enjoy the conference!

    Thank you!
    Melanie Pasinski
    Custom Stickers for Good Causes

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