Hip Hop Saves Lives (you’re invited to listen)



Kick the habit gotta gotta gotta kick the habit (4 times)

Verse 1
A healthy heart, Lower blood pressure, Controlling Diabetes, Cancer prevention, The Calcium connection, Planning vegetarian diets, Saving a Life, You should try it, boom, ba-doom, ba-boom, boom, This one going out to my fellow humanitarians, Offering three simple ways, Going vegetarian, First think of three meals you already enjoy, Dietary revolution that we all can afford, Second, Think of three recipes, You prepare regularly, Replacing meat with beans, Vegetable proteins, Last but not least, Experiment with recipes from the veggie library, All in together now, The FDA got you lost in the sauce, A Vegan lifestyle  (x2), People please support the cause (x2), Yea!  CHORUS

Verse 2
Kick the meat habit, save the forest ,got to have it wetlands and wildlife, habitats under panic how to man it, hit dang don’t take water for granted, animal agriculture dumps causing mad static 16 pounds of grain, 1 pound of beef meet is inefficient, cause animals eat more than they produce, so why produce a noose when we can feed the world’s hungry, what a better use and thousands of animals from fear and abuse, and here’s the better news, what you get to loose heart disease, cancer, stroke, that’s what you reduce, when you make friends instead of killing mother goose vegkick.org 1800 meat out, kick the habit yo that’s what its about (2 times),  Patricia Welty make them eat healthy, Patricia Welty, ah a vegan life (2 times),  CHORUS

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